Admissions Policy 2019-2020

Admissions Policy 2020-2021

School Admissions Appeal Timetable 2019

Appellants Appeal Form 2019


Learning Support

SEND Policy (2019 OLOL MAC)

SEND Report (2019 OLOL MAC)

Marking and Assessment Policy (2019)


Allegations of Abuse against Teachers and other Staff (WCC)

Anti-Bullying Policy (2017)

Attendance Policy (2018)

Behaviour Policy (2019)

Behaviour: E-Safety

Children Looked After Policy (2019)

Coping with Self Harm Guide for parents and carers

Misuse of Drugs, Alcohol or Other Substance Abuse Policy (2019)

Mobile Phones Policy, (2019)

Student IT Acceptable Use Policy (2019)

School Uniform Policy, Y9-Y11 (2019)

School Uniform Policy, Y12 & Y13 (2019)



Safeguarding and Child Protection (2019)

School Policies

Behaviour of Parents and Carers in School (2019)

Assessment Risk management process Policy

Accessibility Plan (2019)

Careers Strategy (2019)

Catholic Family Life (2019)

Charging and Remission Policy (OLOL MAC)

Collective Worship Policy (2019)

Complaints Policy (OLOL MAC)

Curriculum Policy (2019)

Data Protection Policy (OLOL MAC)

Disability Equality Policy (2017)

Educational Trips and Visits Policy (2019)

Examinations Policy (2019)

Form Tutor Monitoring Reports appendix

Head of Year Monitoring Reports

Head of Department Monitoring Reports

Health and Safety Policy (2019)

Home School Agreement (2019)

Homework Policy (2019)


Internal Verification Policy MN

Internal Appeals Policy

Controlled Assessment Policy

Learning and Teaching Policy (2019)

Medical Issues (2019)

First Aid Procedures (2019)

Privacy Notice Pupils (OLOL MAC)

Pupil Premium Strategy (2019)

Spiritual, Moral, Social, Vocational and Cultural Policy (2019)

SLT Monitoring Reports appendix

Worcestershire Safeguarding Children Board Training Pathway

Our lady of Lourdes Privacy Policies

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