Welcome to St Augustine’s Catholic High School

Saint Augustine’s is a close-knit school with a wonderful family feel, where life-long friendships are forged. Our strong pastoral support aims to provide a value based, happy and well-ordered environment in which all our students are challenged to make the very best of their talents. Alongside their academic studies, students also learn respect for the individual together with the collective responsibility for the good of all.

Upon reaching adulthood, students have therefore become full rounded individuals, who have reached their academic and personal potential with a strong sense of morality, reflection and spiritual embracement.

We maintain and expect high moral standards from all stakeholders in the school: students, teachers, parents and governors alike.

Our Latest News

Find out about and place orders for the student laptop scheme

Find out the latest news about how our Multi Academy is responding to Covid-19

Students can get help and assistance with their IT studenthelp@lourdesit.org.uk
or calling 01527 376 068

We are encouraging students and staff to access Office365 from home.

Assessment Week Tasks:

Year 9 Assessment Tasks: Click here

Year 10 Assessment Tasks: Click here

Year 12 Assessment Tasks: Click here

Year 12 Assessment Timetable: Click here

Year Group Wedsnesday Thursday Friday
9 & 10 TASK 1
Make a revision timetable (Send to tutor via teams/email/photo)
The following link will help.
Click Here
Revise for 30 minutesfor your CORE subjects. (Send to tutor via teams/email/photo)
Revise for 30 minutes for your Option subjects (Send to tutor via teams/email/photo)
Write a reflection/poem/prayer on the killing of George Floyd in America.
The following link will help you build your knowledge
Click Here
(Send to tutor via teams/ Teams or email /photo)
Go to the British Cross YouTube channel and choose two FirstAid techniques. Use the video clips to write a short guide for them. (Send to tutor via teams/Teams or email/photo)
Fitness focus – create a weekly workout for a person in lockdown. If you want to share what you have done (Eg a screenshot of a jogging route/bike ride etc please do)

Submit your workout plan to your tutor via Teams or email /photo - you could perhaps do a family work out with Joe Wickes Click Here

Y9 Tutor Emails

  • Miss Nazir – nazira@sta.lourdesmac.org.uk
  • Miss Walkley – walkleyj@sta.lourdesmac.org.uk
  • Mrs Lake – lakef@sta.lourdesmac.org.uk
  • Miss Martin – martinc@sta.lourdesmac.org.uk
  • Miss Syvret – syvretk@sta.lourdesmac.org.uk
  • Mr Ahmad – ahmads@sta.lourdesmac.org.uk
  • Miss Beaman – beamane@sta.lourdesmac.org.uk
  • Miss Gill – CGill@sta.lourdesmac.org.uk
  • Miss Haycock – haycockl@sta.lourdesmac.org.uk

Y10 Tutor Emails

  • Mr Long – longc@sta.lourdesmac.org.uk
  • Miss Hughes – hughesh@sta.lourdesmac.org.uk
  • Mr Reading – readinga@sta.lourdesmac.org.uk
  • Mrs Threadgold – threadgoldl@sta.lourdesmac.org.uk
  • Mrs Sharma – sharmam@sta.lourdesmac.org.uk
  • Miss Mushen – cmu@sta.lourdesmac.org.uk
  • Mr Goodman – goodmand@sta.lourdesmac.org.uk
  • Mrs Humphries – humphriesl@sta.lourdesmac.org.uk
  • Mrs Kilbey – mkilbey@sta.lourdesmac.org.uk