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Summer Reading Task

Y9 Reading Task for the Summer Holidays

We want to create a world where everyone is reading their way to a better life. Research shows that reading for pleasure can promote better health and wellbeing, helps in building social connections and relationships with others and is associated with a range of factors that allows children to build confidence and self-esteem.  To start our programme of reading over the summer holidays, we ask all Y9 students (starting in Sep-22) to carry out the following:-

  • Read a book of your choice - it can be an old favourite or you can read something new.
  • Stuck for inspiration? Click on the button to open a KS3 reading list where you may find some new material:  
               CHOOSE BOOKs
  • A copy of the postcard is also available below.
  • Once you have finished the book, you now need to complete a 100 word review of your book. Challenge - try to stick to as close to 100 words as possible! 
  • There are rewards available for all completed reviews and the best reviews!
  • Please bring your 100 work review into school and hand it to your Form Tutor on Wednesday 7th September. Any issues or you lose your card, please email Mrs Davis at

Happy reading!