MAC Transport : Updated

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MAC Transport update

Update:  The students transport passes have been sent out via post.  If you have not received your pass by the 7th August please email MAC Transport at
I am pleased to be able to circulate the Routes for September 2015.  Passengers are to board the coach at the nearest pick up point to their home post code.  At 8.27am coaches traveling on routes one and three will meet to transfer students to carry on to their final destination school.
Please find below 2 attachments, one being the MAC Transport Routes and the other being the MAC Transport timebale.
Reminder: the MAC transport email will not be monitored 8th – 16th August.  All emails received over this week will be responded to week commencing 17th August.

Transport Service

The service run by the MAC will travel from Bromsgrove to St Bede’s Catholic middle school and
St Augustine’s Catholic high school from September 2015.  Applications are made directly to MAC Transport for this service.
Application forms can be found on both school websites. 
The 2015/16 rates are single seat £450, two siblings £773 and three siblings £912. For four our more siblings please email
Unless you meet the criteria below, the MAC transport will be cheaper than transport arranged via application to the Local Authority, it is likely to be advantageous to you to apply to the MAC EVEN IF YOUR CHILD REMAINS ELIGIBLE FOR DENOMINATIONAL TRANSPORT ASSISTANCE FROM THE LOCAL AUTHORITY
If you meet the following criteria applications should be made direct to Worcestershire County Council
Entitlement to Free Travel Assistance – Pre 16
Statutory school age children who are admitted to mainstream schools in accordance with the current County Council Admission Policy are entitled to free travel, provided that they:
  • Live in Worcestershire
  • Are attending either the designated or nearest school for their home address
  • Live beyond the statutory walking distance from the school
Statutory walking distance is 3 miles (4.828 Kilometers) for pupils between 8-16 years. The distance is measured by the shortest available walking route.
Primary School aged pupils who live between 2-3 miles from the nearest suitable school and from low-incomes families are entitled to free transport.
High school aged pupils from low income families will also be entitled to free transport assistance to a choice of up to 3 schools between distances of 2-6 miles.

Transport Assistance for Pupils Aged between 16 and 19
WCC provide travel assistance to full time students continuing into further education provided the following criteria are met:
·         You must live in Worcestershire
·         You must be under 19 when the course commences
·         You should attend the establishment that is nearest to your home address
·         You must live more than 3 miles from the school or college
Transport assistance will only be provided to the nearest establishment to offer the desired level of course. To guarantee assessment for September, please complete your application before the end of the Summer Term.