St Augustine’s Teaching School

Teaching Schools were established as part of the government’s commitment to raising standards of education. They are amongst the best schools in the country – outstanding in all areas of teaching, learning, leadership and management. They have a track record of working with other schools and providers to raise standards for students beyond their own school.

St Augustine’s Catholic High School was designated as a National Teaching School in September 2017 and since that time, we have taken a leading role in providing a range of support to other schools and teachers. Our focus is to develop and disseminate excellent practice by providing training and development for new and experienced teachers and leaders.

Our Teaching School serves a wide geographical area covering Worcestershire, Warwickshire, Staffordshire and Birmingham. The support provided comprises:-

  • support focused school to school support
  • school-centred initial teacher training (SCITT)
  • peer to peer professional and leadership development
  • recruitment and training of Specialist Leaders in Education (SLEs)
  • professional development opportunities for teachers

The Teaching School is managed on a day to day basis by Mr Tony Quinn – Director of the Teaching School, who has over 30 years of experience within education. Mr Gerald O’Connor is Principal of St Augustine’s School and takes overall responsibility.

Specialist Leaders in Education

We operate with a moral purpose of support based on an ethical belief that all children should receive a good education irrespective of their background. We work in partnership with a range of schools across Worcestershire, Warwickshire and the West Midlands including Coventry, Sandwell, Dudley and Stoke-on-Trent. Our team of SLEs are deployed to schools to undertake focused and honed support, working in unison and partnership with the teachers to give expert guidance and direction. In addition, support staff are deployed to deliver specific projects of best practice.

The team of 15 SLEs, 1 NLE (National Leader in Education) and 1 LLE (Local Leader in Education) operate via the St Augustine’s Teaching School and come from the schools of St Augustine’s, Bishop Milner, Cardinal Wiseman, St John Wall and Blue Sky in Coventry. They offer subject support for both core and foundation subjects together with detailed planning and direction in relation to:

  • whole school leadership and management
  • sixth form review
  • pupil premium analysis
  • SEND review
  • timetabling
  • curriculum design
  • Sep-19 Ofsted framework preparation
  • Governance structuring
  • specific NLE deployments

The SLE recruitment process into our Teaching School has now closed for this year. Thank you to all who have applied.

Middle and Senior Leadership Training

In addition to school to school support, the Teaching School also delivers face to face training for Middle and Senior Leaders via the the National Professional Qualification. The qualification covers 6 content areas which set out what a leader should know and be able to deliver and 7 behaviours which set out how the best leaders operate. The content areas have been embedded within 3 online courses, whilst the leadership behaviours are explored during face-to-face training. Applications for this are now closed.