Our Department

Sociology is the study of the social world. It involves studying human beings and their patterns of behavior. We focus on the way people form relationships and how these relationships, considered in their totality, are represented by the concept of a “society”.
In this respect, the focus of the sociologist’s attention is group behaviour. This is the effect that the groups people join, or are born into (family, work, education and so forth), have upon people’s social behavior.
Sociology therefore relates to all students and provides a springboard for thoughts about group behaviors. Our vision is that the study of Sociology will help our students to become more aware of the way the community, in which they exist, works.

Key Stage 5 (Years 12 – 13)

Sociology is taught through a variety of ways involving lectures, seminars and focus on group discussion. The key concepts are applied to a variety of phenomena, and the wider issues are applied in a sociological context. Students are encouraged to consider the nature of sociological thought and methods of enquiry. Students are also taught skills of analysis, interpretation and evaluation. It is not necessary to have studied Sociology before.

Key areas taught at AS are Families and Households with Research Methods and Education with  Methods in Context
Key areas taught at A-level are Beliefs in Society and Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods.
Sociology is assessed by written paper only.

Extra-curricular activities

Our students are invited to attend one-to-one or small group sessions at lunchtime and after school where they can clarify and extend their sociological understanding. Students are encouraged to engage in a variety of media to keep up to date with contemporary issues. Application of these in class is invaluable.

In Year 13, we envisage taking a trip to Redditch Magistrates Court to observe criminal cases to support our studies of Crime & Deviance.

Who are we?

Teacher: Mr S Ahmad