Principal’s Welcome

Welcome from the Executive Principal and the Head of School

The executive principal and head of school exude a determination to enable every pupil to achieve his or her potential. A ‘learning culture’ is firmly embedded among pupils. In all subjects, pupils are keen to discuss and debate ideas and approaches. They are eager to find out more, and determined to improve. Not a minute is wasted in lessons, and pupils readily continue their enquiries and endeavours out of class. Ofsted May 2017 Saint Augustine’s Catholic High School is a Catholic School for all, where emphasis is placed on achieving personal and academic excellence for all students. It is a highly successful and dynamic school community, of which I am proud to be the Executive Principal. Our Outstanding Ofsted confirmed that students receive a vibrant and full curriculum which is provided by educational specialists. Alongside their academic studies, students also learn respect for the individual together with the collective responsibility for the good of all. Upon reaching adulthood, students have therefore become full rounded individuals, who have reached their academic and personal potential with a strong sense of morality, reflection and spiritual embracement.
Our key to success:
• A distinctive Catholic ethos that supports deep personal faith but also welcomes diversity and difference in beliefs and culture.
• A dedicated teaching and support staff that monitor and challenge students to achieve their maximum potential.
• High academic achievement levels and expectations that provide our young people with the opportunity to go on to the Russell Group of universities as well as providing legitimate pathways into training, apprenticeships and other further education outlets.
• A large and varied sports, creative arts and music curriculum which enjoys success both locally, regionally and nationally.
• A focus on student safety and well-being.
• A learning environment which is contemporary, well-equipped and resourced and regularly updated.
• Opportunities to travel, observe different lifestyles, experiences and cultures, take up new activities and sports, participate in local and national competitions and develop high level communication skills.
Mr A F Quinn BA (Hons) NPQH NLE
Executive Principal
I am delighted to be working alongside the Executive Principal, staff and parents/carers of Saint Augustine’s Catholic High School to enable all students to achieve excellence in an exceptional Catholic environment. My belief is that we should inspire all children to strive to be their best; in the words of Saint Catherine of Siena: ‘Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.’ I am very proud of our students who are hardworking, well behaved and who enjoy spending time with each other and staff alike. I am equally as proud of our recent Ofsted Inspection.
Mr G O‘Connor BSc (Hons) NPQH Head of School
Saint Augustine’s Catholic High School is more than a High School - it is a beacon of excellence in standards, offering an innovative education for all. We will take your child beyond what he or she believed possible.