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The Performing Arts Department brings together music, drama and dance, offering a range of courses to suit the needs of all types of performers. It is our aim to provide performance opportunities of the highest possible standard, enabling students to develop and hone their skills within an inspiring programme of events. The department gives opportunities to perform in school, within the community and abroad.

Performing Arts Key Stage 5 (OCR)

The course covers a wide variety of performance arts skills. Music performance, Music technology, Drama, Dance, Stage Management, Sound and Lighting, are all covered by the course. It is taught by Mr Long and Mrs Wright.

AS Level

Each unit is one third of the qualification.
Unit 1 is a written component which investigates performing arts organisations. In Unit 2 you produce work that demonstrates your skills in one or more of: Music, Drama, Dance, Music Technology, Design and technical theatre or Stage Management. In Unit 3 performing arts candidates produce a collaborative performance that draws together various performing arts disciplines, eg a play, a musical, a dance showcase.

A2 Level
Each unit is one third of the qualification.
Unit 4 is a written component that looks at getting work within the performing arts industry. Unit 5 explores performing arts repertoire. As a theatre company you present two contrasting pieces of repertoire. You will research the social, historical and cultural context of these pieces and explore the stylistic conventions involved in their performance. In Unit 6 you produce and present a 15 minute showcase consisting of 2 contrasting solo Performances and one duologue/duet.

Drama is a learning tool, a means to explore and a path to performance. In Drama, students use not only language as a form to represent the situation, but they will also make meaningful use of space, gesture and objects to define physical and social elements.

Key Stage 3 (Year 9)

We aim to provide students with a broad understanding of Drama techniques and elements. Students will use Drama as an exploratory tool in response to given stimuli and themes.

Students will use the exploratory strategies of hot-seating, cross-cutting, freeze-frame, thought-tracking and improvisation.
Students will experiment with characterisation and create their own characters for performance.
We will explore scripts using Drama techniques and students will interpret scripted roles for performance.
Students will learn how to devise their own original pieces of theatre.

Key Stage 4 (Years 10 - 11)

In KS4 students can choose to study GCSE Drama or GCSE Performing Arts.

GCSE Drama 

GCSE Drama consists of 2 Units. Unit 1 (42401) is the Written Exam paper. The written Exam paper comprises 3 sections: A – Practical work completed during the course; B – Study and performance of a scripted play and C – Study of a live theatre production seen. Students must answer Question 1 from Section A and choose one further question from either Section B or Section C. Unit 1 is worth 40% of the overall GCSE Drama grade.

Unit 2 (42402) is the Practical work that students complete through controlled assessment. It is worth 60% of the final grade. Students will complete a range of practical controlled assessments; the specific options and no. of assessments will be dependent upon the interest and level of skill of individual students. Students can expect however to experience practical work in the following areas: Devised Thematic Work; Acting; Improvisation; Physical Theatre; Masks and Make-Up.

GCSE Performing Arts (4882)

GCSE Performing Arts consists of 2 Units. Unit 1 (48801) is titled Skills Development and is worth 60% of the final grade. In this unit, students develop their skills within the mediums of Drama, Dance and Theatrical Make-up. Students identify their skill level in all mediums and set targets for their development. Students then compile a Portfolio that documents their achievement of targets.
Unit 2(48802) is the Showcase Performance worth 40% of their final grade. Students use the skills that they have developed through Unit 1 to create and perform and showcase piece in response to an externally set brief.

Who are we?

Head of Performing Arts: Mr C Long


 Mrs S Wright