Exams and Results

Year 11 and Year 13 Jan - Feb 2020:

Year 13 Mock Week February 2020

Year 13 Assessment Week February 2020


Year 12 Assessment Week March 2020:

Most assessments will be classroom based, with the exception of English Literature, English Language and Literature and Accounting, which will take place on Friday, 6th March from 9.20am in the gym. All students have been given their individual candidate timetables.


This year’s progress is likely to place Saint Augustine’s in the DfE top 10 schools

77% of students achieved (5+ standard passes including Mathematics and English)

88% of students achieved a standard pass in English (Grade 4)

75% of students achieved a strong pass in English (Grade 5)

81% of students gained a standard pass in Mathematics (Grade 4)

64% of students gained a strong pass in Mathematics (Grade 5)

Students achieved 100% 9-4/A*-C grades in the following subjects:

Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Polish

100% pass rate in BTEC Children’s Play and Engineering

92% in BTEC Health and Social Care; 80% in Performing Arts and WJEC Hospitality and Catering

27% of all results delivered grades 9-7, A*-A or equivalent – an amazing 620 results

at the highest grades with 306 of those grades at 9-8, A* or equivalent.

1 student gained all 10 GCSEs at grades 9-8



High ranking A Level results in Worcestershire yet again

96% pass at A2

From a cohort of 104 students, 61 A*/A grades or equivalent were achieved

28% of students gained 3+ A*-B grades or equivalent