Exams and Results


This year’s progress is likely to place Saint Augustine’s in the DfE top 10 schools

77% of students achieved (5+ standard passes including Mathematics and English)

88% of students achieved a standard pass in English (Grade 4)

75% of students achieved a strong pass in English (Grade 5)

81% of students gained a standard pass in Mathematics (Grade 4)

64% of students gained a strong pass in Mathematics (Grade 5)

Students achieved 100% 9-4/A*-C grades in the following subjects:

Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Polish

100% pass rate in BTEC Children’s Play and Engineering

92% in BTEC Health and Social Care; 80% in Performing Arts and WJEC Hospitality and Catering

27% of all results delivered grades 9-7, A*-A or equivalent – an amazing 620 results

at the highest grades with 306 of those grades at 9-8, A* or equivalent.

1 student gained all 10 GCSEs at grades 9-8



High ranking A Level results in Worcestershire yet again

96% pass at A2

From a cohort of 104 students, 61 A*/A grades or equivalent were achieved

28% of students gained 3+ A*-B grades or equivalent