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Behaviour Hub

In April 2021, St Augustine's was awarded the accolade of becoming a Behaviour Hub.  The purpose of these will be to enable schools and multi-academy trusts (MATs) with exemplary behaviour cultures and practices to work with partner schools that want and need to improve behaviour in their school.  The aims of the Programme is to improve pupil behaviour in schools by taking a whole school approach and embedding a clear, sustainable behaviour culture throughout the school. How students behave in school is strongly linked to attainment and other outcomes. Good behaviour generally leads to:

  • more time to focus on teaching and learning;
  • students achieving more academically and socially;
  • improved staff satisfaction, higher retention and less problematic recruitment.

The programme is based on the principles and ideas outlined in Tom Bennett’s 2017 review of behaviour in schools: Creating a culture: how school leaders can optimise behaviour.

How it Works

Partner schools will be paired with a lead school and they will work together to identify how and where they want to improve, diagnosing specific issues and developing new approaches to address poor behaviour. Schools will receive:

  • a range of support from lead schools depending on level of need; this will include bespoke training, one-to-one advice and ongoing mentoring and, 
  • support for Headteachers and SLT with the advice and tools needed to improve their approach.

Partner and lead schools will form hubs to learn from each other and to share what works. Hubs will be made up of one lead school or MAT and a set of partner schools or partner MATs. This is a comprehensive package of support that aims to see results within a year.

School Support Offer

Training and support will include some or all of the following:

  • training on specific issues, common problems and effective approaches led by expert advisers, that can be implemented within the school;
  • open days at lead schools to observe good systems and approaches in action;
  • networking events to share experiences and good practice to learn from other schools;
  • online resources developed by the expert advisers which will equip and empower schools to implement changes in their settings;
  • support to develop and implement an action plan, that will set out how to quickly improve and embed a whole school approach to behaviour management, including how to monitor impact;
  • one-to-one ongoing support, mentoring and coaching to support leaders in implementing lasting change.