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Taster Day

  1. Review the timetable below (a larger version is available below as a pdf).  You will be expected to sample a minimum of 8 subjects throughout the day.
  2. Each subject has a task or challenge for you to complete before 1st March. 
  3. Choose which 8 subjects that you wish to sample.  You will see from the timetable, that there are 4 subjects being taught across each time slot.  You may attend more than 8 if you wish.
  4. The focus for the Taster Day is for you to ensure that:
  • you have explored all options that are available to you and,
  • seen and understand the standard of work that is expected at A Level and,
  • listened to the teachers explain the skills involved with the taster tasks and,
  • understand how these skills are integral to the course within the Sixth Form.

If you are not applying to St Augustine's Sixth Form, then you will be following an alternative post-16 Futures Programme for the day.  Please continue to complete the form below and you will be guided towards the information for this.  If you have any questions, please contact Mr Foley.


Please complete the Form HERE.