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School Council

A key Catholic social teaching is solidarity:  responsibility for all and a view of each person as a member of one family. This view is at the heart of the School Council as they seek to use their skills and talents to live out the Golden Rule to, ‘Treat others as you want to be treated.’  Each form group elects a student to represent their views within the School Council.

Each year group acts as a subcommittee of the School Council and works on a range of projects that they decide as their focus. This may include political action by lobbying our local MP/council or charity work.  A key aim of the School Council is to develop a sense of community with projects that bring students, parents and parishes together. The School Council includes a student executive which includes the Key Stage 5 Head Students and two Key Stage 4 Lead Students who are selected via an annual whole school election.

Students in Y11 can also find leadership opportunities as prefects. The application process for this happens in the summer of Y10.

Key Stage 5 Head Students:  Julia Orzol, Danny O'Donnel & Daniel Mundackal

Key Stage 4 Lead Students:  Calvin Scott and Olivia Edwards