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Pastoral Team

The Pastoral Team are focused on removing any barrier to learning to ensure students are:  here, happy, healthy and ready to learn. Each student has a Form Tutor and Head of Year to offer support, however we also have a dedicated pastoral team who can also support the individual needs of students and work with you as parents.

The Pastoral Team

  • Mr N Murphy, Assistant Principal i.c Pastoral and Designated Safeguarding Lead
  • Mrs H Rogers, Associate Assistant Principal i.c Behaviour and Standards
  • Miss C Martin, Catholic Life Lead
  • Mrs S Wright, Head of Year 9
  • Mr A Reading, Head of Year 10
  • Mr E Mill, Head of Year 11 
  • Mr N Deakin, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead and Welfare Officer
  • Ms A Taylor, Welfare Officer
  • Mrs S Such, Attendance Officer
  • Ms E Coley, Pastoral Administrator and oversees First Aid
  • Mrs C Jones, Pastoral Assistant

Pastoral Support

  • Mrs Taylor is our Welfare Officer, mentoring students, running mental well-being workshops and working as a support link for families.
  • Student Helpline: on each students' desktop is a link to the student helpline.  If any student is worried about an issue that affects them or someone else, they can follow the link and it will notify the Pastoral Team who can then put in place, the appropriate support.
  • Heads of Year:  our HOYs are always there to monitor and support the year group and help with any behavioural issues, bullying, mental wellbeing etc.
  • ClassCharts: positive and negative points are awarded by teachers using this online portal.  Detentions are also recorded on ClassCharts; parents can download the app (click here) to review this data on their child.