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Liturgical Calendar

The Liturgical Year Calendar tells us what readings the Church has designated to be used for each day. It also names the special feasts and commemorations celebrated during each season and marks the dates of remembrance of the saints.  Parents are very welcome to join us in whole school and year group masses.

Spring Term 2023

Date Liturgical / Prayer Theme
w/c 02.01.23 Feast of the Epiphany, 6th Jan
w/c 09.01.23

Feast of the Baptism of Jesus, 8th Jan

National Human Trafficking Awareness Day, 11th Jan

International Thank you Day, 11th Jan

World Religion Day, 15th Jan

w/c 16.01.23

Martin Luther King Day, 16th Jan

Blue Monday, 16th Jan

Feast of the Confession of St Peter the Apostle - 18th Jan

Chinese New Year, 22nd Jan

w/c 23.01.23

Cervical cancer prevention week

Feast of the Conversion of St Paul, 25th Jan

Holocaust Memorial Day, 27th Jan

Feast of St Thomas Aquinas, 28th Jan

w/c 30.01.23

LGBTQ & History month

Dignity of the human person

Tackling homophobia, biophobia and transphobia

w/c 06.02.23

Childrens Mental Health Awareness week

w/c 13.02.23

St Valentine's Day, 14th Feb

Random act of kindness day, 17th Feb

w/c 27.02.23 The Season of Lent: significance and purpose for Catholics - prayer, fasting and charity
w/c 06.03.23

International Woman's Day and Combating Sexism

Gender inequality around the world

w/c 13.03.23 St Patrick's Day - what can we learn from the life and faith of Ireland's Patron Saint
w/c 20.03.23 Beginning of Ramadan - the significance and purpose for Muslims around the world
w/c 27.03.23 The Story of the Holy Week and Easter - the significance of the Easter story for Catholics