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Dominika Janke

Dominika Janke found that the MAC was particularly successful in nurturing the interests of students from the very sparks of intrigue. For her, this began with her English teacher at St Thomas More providing additional guidance in areas that Dominika was keen to learn more about, and extended into her middle and high school experiences of learning about literature. At later schools, new teachers were acutely aware of the standards and methods of teaching used at previous levels of education, and thus their understanding of students’ aptitude was not limited to a SAT grade or a few comments; a context lay behind their insight into how we learn. Dominika has no doubt that this affected her academic experiences, though she didn’t realise at the time just how fluid the interconnections between MAC institutions are.

Although her time at St Augustine’s has impacted my future most directly, considering how crucial academic success in A Levels was to the pursuit of higher education, it owes much to St Thomas More and St Bede’s. The flexibility of her A Level English Literature course fulfilled the creative desires formed in first school classrooms, by teachers determined to foster curiosity across an entire academic career. Now that she's studying Literature at the University of Cambridge, she is well aware that Our Lady of Lourdes MAC has been expertly curated at every level to nurture passion from its roots to a lifelong desire for knowledge.