Ofsted Report 2013

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‘Students achieve well at this school because of good teaching, the carefully considered range of subjects they follow, and the strong quality of care and guidance they receive….behaviour is good. Students have positive attitudes to learning and are respectful of each other and their school environment. This helps them feel safe. The sixth form is good and prepares students well for the next stage in their lives… Strong leadership from the Principal means that the school’s existing strengths have improved and weaknesses have been tackled well.’                                                                  Ofsted September 2013


Oliver Stokes

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OLIVER STOKES – 2003 – Lecturer of Sport and Exercise Science (Biomechanics & Motion Analysis)

I started St Augustine’s in 1998 and left after completing Sixth Form in 2003.

After St Augustine’s I went on to:

– Worcester University to complete a BSC (hons) in Sport Coaching Science

– Gain a Teaching degree from Warwick University

– Gain an MA in Education from the University of Worcester

Currently I am a Lecturer of Sport & Exercise Science (Biomechanics & Motion Analysis)

In addition to this I have worked, on a consultancy basis, as the first team performance analyst for West Bromwich Albion FC and most recently with England, providing the team with statistical analysis on their performances and upcoming opponents.

Life history:

I did the travelling thing during university breaks and met my now ‘wife’ while working in Paris (sounds very glamorous) but I was a holiday rep. We got married in 2010 and have a three year old daughter and one on the way, due April 2014. We started out living in Leeds, my wife’s hometown, but have now moved back to Worcestershire.

Steph Powell

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STEPH POWELL – 2009 – Hospitality

“I started at St Augustine’s in 2004 from St Bede’s and had always been well behaved there. However, I struggled – all these new rules, lessons and a bigger school. I am probably remembered as the pupil who was always in trouble, always outside the Head’s office and always sent out of lessons. I only enjoyed seeing my friends and a few lessons which I was good at: Business Studies, Travel and Tourism and French. I can still hear my parents and teachers telling me, ‘’You will have to knuckle down if you want to do well Steph!’’. It wasn’t easy and it took me a while to really understand that they were right. I realised it felt good to pass my exams and be successful. This is what made me determined to study A Levels and then eventually go to University.

I combined all my favourite subjects and chose Hospitality Management at Salford, Manchester and got a  BA Honours. I became passionate about my work and began to pick up jobs working in bars, clubs, 4* hotels, The M.E.N Arena and restaurants. I worked on some amazing events like Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model, serving all the WWE Wrestlers including John Cena and working lots of concerts. University allowed me to experience the top hotels and restaurants in Manchester, and to travel around Spain even going to University over there.

On graduating, I started applying for cruise jobs as this is what I have always wanted to do. I applied to work as a Dining Room Server on a Disney Cruise Line and with my degree and previous experience I was given the job! I now travel around the Bahamas, Hawaii and Alaska, Disney’s own private island (Castaway Cay) and so many more destinations! They fly you out to the States and give you training in a Disney University and cover the costs – even putting you up at a 5* Hotel. I intend to eventually gain a managerial role. I will be combining working and travelling together, meeting new people from all over the world and serving some of the biggest stars from around the world and their families.

If I could change anything, I would most definitely go back to St Augustine’s and prove how much I wanted to be where I am now. School can be stressful, irritating and boring but when you leave you appreciate the hard work your family and teachers do for you. The pride and respect that people have for you once you prove them wrong is amazing. A lot of people, including myself, wouldn’t think I would be where I am right now.  However, with the help of my parents and dedicated teachers, they all really made me realise how important your years in education really are and, without them, I wouldn’t be travelling some of the most amazing places in the world on a Disney Cruise Ship!

 Steph Powell

“I am responsible for my own success, if I don’t do it, nobody can do it for me. I am responsible for my own choices so I am going to make them good ones!”

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them” – Walt Disney

Jackie Parkes

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Jackie left St Augustine’s School in 1982, after taking her O Levels, and progressed to Birmingham College of Food to study catering management.  She spent 4 years there gaining an OND and HND in Catering Management.

At the age of 20, Jackie started her first Job for Swallow Hotels working her way up the ladder in Front of House in varying Hotels all over the country.  Finally she ended up in Coventry as a Conference Co-ordinator.

After 3 years in the industry Jackie applied for a sales job within the printing and promotional industry at Bemrose.  She stayed there for 20 years progressing to National Sales Manager.

Jackie then took a brave decision and started her own business in the Promotional and Marketing Industry – A & J Promotions Ltd formed in 2010.  The attached photograph was taken at an annual awards ceremony for the industry.

Although her career path has changed drastically, Jackie feels that all her experiences have helped her progress to where she is today.

Jackie is married with two daughters (21 and 7) and a step-daughter of 17 and has now settled in Hinckley, Leicestershire.