Liz Sifford

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I started St Augustine's in 1999 and after Sixth Form I went to study a BA Hons at Worcester Uni in Drama and Performance. I then went to Bromsgrove New College to study a National Diploma in Theatrical Hair and Makeup. I now work as an aerialist performer and teacher for CircusMASH, teaching aerial silks, trapeze and hoop in Birmingham and Redditch. I also run the Palace Youth Theatre in Redditch within my role as Youth Theatre and Arts Officer for Redditch Borough Council. Liz Sifford - click here for further information

Emma Cole

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Emma considers that she was always keen to voice her opinion at school - much to the dismay of most of her teachers. Emma took part in lots of school activities including the choir, concerts, debates and the yearly musical…. A bit of a closet geek! She loved reading, watching movies and theatre, which is why she studied English, Media Studies and Theatre Studies for A level.
After a false start of one year doing an English degree, she started again the following September at Westminster University, studying a BA in Fashion Buying Management. After her second year, she spent 14 months on a business placement working as a Trainee Buyer for Debenham’s lingerie Department before returning for her final Year, finishing with a First Class Honours after completing the 4 year course.
Emma began working as a Buyer’s Assistant at Marks & Spencer Head Office in London, working in the Women’s and Children’s departments. 7 months later Emma was offered the position of Assistant Product Developer at Zeon, the UK’s largest distributor of timepieces. Emma is now responsible for designing and developing timepieces for some of the UK’s most iconic brands including Vivienne Westwood and Barbour.
At High School Emma admits that she had no idea what she wanted to do with her life. It is only through hard graft, false starts, putting up with awful first jobs and a dose of good timing that she ended up where she is today. Although Emma knows that it has taken her longer than the average student to graduate and start work, the choices she has made has led her into a position further along the career ladder than she thought she would ever be at her age, in an industry she didn’t know existed when she began her studies. Looking back, Emma feels that she has learnt to embrace mistakes she made and to trust her instincts. It is amazing how often following them will lead you down the most unexpected and exciting paths.

Statement from the Shadow Board of Directors of Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Multi Academy

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Statement from the Shadow Board of Directors of
Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Multi Academy

The Shadow Board of Directors have met and discussed the position of the age changes and structure of certain schools and academies within Redditch and Bromsgrove. The fundamental plan for the Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Multi Academy remains at present unchanged in that the four schools involved, St Peter’s Bromsgrove, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, St Bede’s and St Augustine’s Redditch will continue to work in harmony to give ALL students, from Reception through to Sixth Form, a well-structured and coordinated faith based education. We will of course continue to welcome students of all faiths and those students of no faith, to our Academy in line with our admissions policy. St Bede’s and St Augustine’s will continue to welcome students from other feeder schools in years five and years nine respectively.

The Shadow Board of Directors feel that the piece meal approach to these proposed changes will disadvantage students and disrupt the educational facilities within the area, and that a much better coordinated plan should have been made involving all schools and wider stake holders including parents. If the decision to change is eventually made, then this should only happen once a full and fair consultation and an investigation has taken place over a reasonable period allowing for the planning and provision of appropriate infrastructure, teaching facilities and staffing.

The Shadow Board of Directors feel that the only priority, at this stage, should be the education and welfare of all students. It is our belief that all children receive the best education possible from whatever their background, faith or previous experiences in life.

Ben Sidwell

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They say that your school days are the best days of your life! However, that is not quite the case for Ben Sidwell. Ben really enjoyed his time at St Augustine’s, especially his two years spent in the Sixth Form. This led to Ben gaining the job of his dreams. Ben loves his job and looks forward to going to work every day – something not many people can say.
Ben attended Saints between 1984 and 1989 and for the first three years he admits to being quite shy, to the point that he wouldn’t even put his hand up in class, even if he knew the answer. However he always knew what he wanted to do and that was to work on the radio.
Whilst in the Upper Sixth, it was announced that a BBC radio station was opening in Hereford & Worcester. Ben wasted no time in spending his Fridays and Saturdays working there. Sadly his A Levels suffered. However the teachers at the school could see this this was what he wanted to do and encouraged him to follow the career he truly aspired to. Ben did not go on to further education acquiring a full time job with the BBC shortly after his 18th Birthday. In fact Ben believes that if he had gone to university, he would not be doing the job he is now.
So 24 years later, what is Ben doing? Well, he is now a TV reporter at BBC Midlands Today, being watched by up to one million people each day and loving every minute of it.