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LFT Testing at Home

Dear Parent/Carer,

Students participating in lateral flow testing at school will have now been given their first at home test kit along with an instruction booklet.

Before taking your test, you must do three things:

1. Read the privacy notice to understand what will happen with your data.

2. Read the Instructions for use handed to students when collecting their first at home test kit.  Students will be now be collecting further test kits within Form Time. Tests are only for the use of the person assigned the kits, they should not be taken by anyone else in the household.

3. Record your details in the Test Kit Log at the back of the instruction booklet when tests are completed.

Once you have understood the testing process and have read the privacy notice, if you choose to participate you are committing to self-administer the test and report your results via the NHS Test &Trace digital platform on your mobile or tablet device or via the  website. You are also required to report the result to the school via this  link.  It is important that parents/students report their results direct to school as Education settings are not able to view the results that their students have uploaded to the online service.

You will need to:

Carry out twice weekly testing at home (3 to 4 days apart) before coming into the education setting preferably in the morning so there is less chance you get infected between taking the test and attending the setting). However, you may choose to do the testing the evening before, especially the first time, to give you more time to get accustomed to the test, and to have more time for your education setting to react to a positive test result . As a school our preference would be that students to test on a Sunday and a Thursday.  

Please find this useful link to step by step guides to COVID19 self testing:  LINK

This asymptomatic testing programme does not replace current guidance for those with symptoms or those identified as a close contact of a positive case. Anyone with symptoms, whether they are involved in this programme or not, should book a free NHS test and follow government self-isolation guidance until the results of their test are known. Testing also does not replace basic preventative measures such as regular handwashing, PPE and social distancing.

If you receive a positive LFD result you should book a confirmatory PCR test. We would advise visiting a community or drive through test site as this is the quickest way to get tested, or you can order a home test kit. It is important that you self-isolate until the result of your PCR test. If you test negative, you must continue to follow national and local rule and guidelines including regular handwashing, social distancing and wearing face coverings, where required.

Finally please see a  link to our website which holds Government how to guides to further assist parents with the move to testing at home.  

Any problems, please email Rebecca Hopkins-Edge at