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  • LFT Testing at Home

    Published 18/03/21
    Dear Parent/Carer, Students participating in lateral flow testing at school will have now been given their first at home test kit along with an instruction booklet. Before taking your test, you must do three things: 1. Read the privacy notic
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  • Covid-19 Testing at Home

    Published 10/03/21

    Testing for Covid-19 at Home.

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  • Risk Assessment, w/c 08.03.21

    Published 05/03/21

    RA for return to school, w/c 8th March 2021

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  • Mason's Mission 01.03.21

    Published 27/02/21

    Mason's Mission 01.03.21

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  • Covid Communication over Half-Term

    Published 15/02/21

    Please see the attachment about how to action Covid symptoms over the half-term holiday.

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  • Mason's Mission, 05.02.21

    Published 08/02/21
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  • Mason's Mission

    Published 22/01/21
    Ms Mason is running daily sessions at 10.55AM for 10 minutes focusing on health and well-being.  They are recorded and can be found here: Mason's Mission
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  • Covid-19 Catch-Up Strategy

    Published 10/01/21
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  • Staggered Return and Student Testing

    Published 22/12/20

    Student Testing and Staggered Return Update

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  • Covid Communication over Christmas

    Published 17/12/20

    Please see the attachment about how to action Covid symptoms over the Christmas holiday.

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  • Covid Communication outside School Hours

    Published 20/11/20

    How parents/carers and the school will communicate about Covid-19 outside of normal school hours.

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  • Action to Take if Symptomatic

    Published 14/11/20

    What to do if you have symptoms or test positive to CV19.

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