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Modern Languages

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Our aim is to teach Modern Languages in a stimulating, challenging and rigorous fashion, to inspire and to enable our students to use their language skills in the future, whether it be in a context of work or leisure. We develop our students as confident, resourceful and responsible learners and equip them with essential language learning skills for life. Language skills are important to the social and economic future of the country. Learning a Modern Language helps young people understand the world in which they live and the different cultures of people around the world. Only 6% of the world's population speak English as their first language. 75% of the world's population speak no English at all! This gives us an even more valid reason to study a Modern Language.

Year 9, Year 10 and Year 11
We offer both GCSE French and German.

It is certainly never too late to learn a second foreign language. For the English speaker, German is surprisingly easy to master. This is because the two languages have the same Germanic roots. 40% of German words are similar to their English sounding counterparts.

Students are examined in four skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. The new curriculum assesses all four skills as a final examination.

For French we currently follow the Edexcel GCSE course and for German the AQA GCSE course. Students’ study areas for both courses include:

Identity and culture – family, friends and relationships / technology, music, cinema and TV, food and sport / customs and festivals
Local, national, international and global areas of interest – home, region and the environment / travel and tourism / social issues / healthy living
Current study, future study and employment – school / life at school / post-16 education / career choices and ambitions


Year 12 and Year 13
At KS5 we offer Edexcel French and AQA German.

Students’ study areas include:


Aspects of French-speaking society / social issues and trends
(family life / education / the world of work)
Artistic and political culture
(music / media / festivals and traditions)
Multiculturalism in French-speaking society
(immigration / integration / racism)
The Occupation and The Resistance

Students will also study one text and a film in the Target Language


Aspects of German-speaking society
(family life / the digital world / youth culture)
Multiculturalism in German-speaking society
(immigration / integration / racism)
Artistic culture in the German-speaking world
(festivals / art and architecture / cultural Berlin
Aspects of political life
(Germany and the EU / politics / re-unification)

Students will also study one text and a film in the Target Language

We use a very successful Work Experience Abroad scheme as an opportunity to visit France and / or Germany.

Who are we?

Head of Modern Languages: Miss C Mushen


 Miss L Haycock