Our Department


To provide a contemporary and relevant geographical education of high quality for all students.

Key Stage 3 Geography

Topics covered:
• The Restless Earth
• Extreme Environments
• Climate Change
• Human Hazards

• The National Curriculum Level for each student is determined by the outcome from each topic assessments run throughout the year.
• The assessments are either examination style questions or enquiry reports.

Skills developed and applied:
• Geographical Skills (map work, field sketching, field observation, graph);
• Enquiry Skills;
• Literacy;
• Numeracy;
• ICT;
• Interpersonal Skills, especially Presentation and Communication Skills.

• Students will take part in fieldwork activities during the year.

Key Stage 4 Geography

GCSE Specification: AQA Geography A (9030)

Topics covered:

  • Tourism
  • Changing Urban Environments
  • Water on the Land
  • The Living World
  • The Restless Earth
  • Population Change


Key Stage 5 Geography

A Level Specification: AQA Geography (2030)

Topics covered in Year 12 (AS Level):

  • Rivers
  • Population
  • Coasts
  • Energy
  • Hazards
  • Ecosystems
  • Cities




Who are we?

Head of Humanities: Mr P Foley


 Mr R Morris

 Mr D Goodman