Dress Code

Dress Code

Dress Code: Y12 & Y13


The style for sixth form students is about appearance and attitude.  Students are expected to dress and behave in accordance with a place of work.



  • Suit comprising trousers, jacket and buttoned shirt.
  • Tie optional.
  • Appropriate formal shoes.



  • Formal trousers or skirt (not too short or too tight, closer to the knee than mid-thigh).
  • Plain blouse/shirt.
  • A fitted suit jacket.
  • Appropriate formal shoes.


The following may not be worn for boys and girls:

  • No outdoor coats to be worn in lessons or around the school building.
  • No jeans or denim style clothing or tracksuit/leggings.
  • No T-shirts or hoodies.
  • No studs in clothing.
  • No revealing tops.
  • No trainers, casual shoes, flip flops, sandals or boots.
  • No hats.


Jewellery, Hair and Make-Up


Jewellery:  discrete with no facial piercings.  Tattoos are not allowed.


Hair:  we promote traditional hair styles with no extreme styling.  Please note, that if students dye their hair, only natural colours may be used.  Boys are not permitted to come into school with lines or patterns shaved into their hair or eye brows.


Where students arrive at school wearing uniform that does not meet our uniform regulations, parents will be contacted with an expectation that the uniform is changed and the following day will be spent in quiet study.


The decision of the Principal and Head of Sixth Form are final with respect to dress code.