Catholic Life

Catholic Life

The Catholic Life of Saint Augustine’s Catholic High School: “Be who you were created to be, and you will set the world on fire.’ St Catherine of Sienna Welcome to the Catholic Life area of our website. Our values are inspired by Jesus Christ and based upon the Gospel values. We are a Catholic school for all and believe that by nurturing a deeper appreciation of the Gospel values in each student, they will go on to be caring, responsible and well rounded adults who can make a positive impact in the world. Our Gospel values tree is an illustration of this aim. By planting the seed of each value and help each child grow in their understanding of how to apply it in their day to day lives their actions will be bear fruit.

Each half term we focus on a key church teaching of the Catholic church. These are included in the themes used in assemblies and collective worship as well as activities during tutor time. We hope that by reflecting on these teachings' students will appreciate that at St Augustine’s we believe each child is willed, loved and has purpose regardless of ability or background.


The key church teachings and Gospel values are lived out in all that we do:

  • Daily prayer/reflection in form.
  • Opportunities for SMSCV across the Curriculum (Spiritual, Moral, Social, Cultural and Vocational Development)
  • The Chaplaincy Team – See Mr Foley or Miss Mason if you would like to join.
  • Students taking part in a weekly liturgy during their collective worship by reading the Gospel and reading bidding prayers they have written.
  • Each tutor group has a House Saint. Our house saints are: St Augustine, St Bernadette, St Clare, St Dominic, St Elizabeth, St Francis, St Gabriel, St Helena, St Ignatius, St Joseph.
  • Teaching traditional Catholic prayers through a ‘prayer of the month’.
  • Crucifixes in every classroom and displays showing our charity and faith life.
  • Charity events throughout the year e.g. the Sponsored walk/Lent fundraising events.
  • House Group Mass
  • Opportunities to prepare for life in modern Britain through assemblies, leadership opportunities.
  • Remembrance Day service.
  • The sixth form ‘Giving Back’ programme.
  • Promition of the spiritual and corporal works of mercy.
  • Inspiring quotes from the saints around the school.
  • The opportunities for Catholic retreats at Alton Castle and Soli House
  • Whole school masses for holy days of obligation which have pupil participation at the heart.
  • Advent and Lent reconciliation services.
  • Our school Chapel is open at all times for all students to use. The rosary is said during lunch during October and May.
  • Recognising and celebrating other world faiths and the contributions that they make to our faith community e.g. Ramadan assembly and teaching Judaism as a second world religion at GCSE.
  • Pastoral support; recognising that every child is unique and made in God’s image.
  • A rewards/sanctions system based upon the Gospel Values.
  • Assemblies with religious and moral themes and focusing on important international events such as World Day for Cultural Diversity
  • Staff and student training on supporting, monitoring and evaluating the Catholic Life of our school.
  • Partnerships with our other MAC schools and with the Diocese.
  • Peer mentoring programme.
  • Ms Mason is our Spiritual Life Coordinator and helps to support the Catholic Life by helping to prepare Form Masses; co-lead the peer mentoring programme; prepare prayers for staff and students and support students in planning and delivering liturgy.


Our school prayer is:

God is my strength.

Christ, you are at the centre

Of our school community.

Help me to develop my whole self

Academically, socially & spiritually.

May I reflect your faith, hope and love in all I do,

Following in the footsteps of our Patron Saint.

In your name,


Saint Augustine of Canterbury;

Pray for us.


Our school badge contains the cross (representing Jesus’ sacrifice for humanity); a pallium (a vestment worn by an Archbishop as Saint Augustine was Archbishop of Canterbury) and the letters ‘S’ and ‘A’ to represent our patron; Saint Augustine.

 Our school mission statement is:

‘A Christ centred learning community committed to the development of the whole person.’

 Our school motto is:

‘Deus Fortitudo Mea’ –God is my Strength.

Parents are warmly invited to attend our whole-school Masses and we are happy to welcome guest speakers from charities or other faith communities who wish to visit and support our school. Please contact me through the school office if you wish to attend Mass or support us in any way.

 Mr Foley (Assistant Principal i.c Catholic Life)